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Striking Google Trends Update

July 30th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Great Update. Google Trends has updated it’s database. Trend charts reach until 17. July 2007 now. But what’s really remarkable is the fact, that the granularity of the trend statistics has been improved significantly.

In the past only keywords with bigger search volumes produced appropriate statistics, in case of smaller search volumes only incomplete or blank statistics were generated. For example, when searching for the term “PageRank Update” some month ago, this really disappointing result appeared:
pagerank update 2007

Oh dear, just one peak at the end of the charts. Not the result I expected first when doing my search. After some trials and with help of the |-operator, making a conjunction of terms like “pr update” | “pagerank update” | “page rank update”, I was able to produce a better PR-Update chart with some more peaks, most probably presenting the dates of some historical pagerank updates:

PR Update and more

And now? With the current update a simple question for PageRank Update produces an image with full details over the complete date range:

PageRank Update neue Trendkurve

What a significant improvement. And that’s not all. In the past a search by region or shorter date ranges quite often (due to the reduced search volume) resulted in incomplete or non existing statistics. With this update the search volume threshold (from which google trends was willing to show results) must have been lowered by factors.

With graphical presentation, local and date-range filters and a database till july 17. the new google trends is becoming the keyword research tool I have dreamed for a long time. Only realtime charts are missing now, but with google hot trends there is a tool available, that’s pretty nearby. I’m dying to know what happens next ;-)

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One comment on “Striking Google Trends Update

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