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martin missfeldt launches new image seo blog

January 2nd, 2011 · No Comments

image seo blogGreat news, Martin Mißfeldt goes international. Today he launched an image seo blog in english language, more precisely he launched the english version of his german “tagSeoBlog“. Hopefully his new blog becomes as successful as his german counterpart. Good luck, Martin.

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seo jones will soon arrive

November 29th, 2010 · No Comments

We will send Seo Jones, the famous Seo Crusader and Archaelogist, on a new journey. Soon he will appear in a non german area. The five-volumed Seo Jones series will be translated to english language, thus giving the Seo Jones stories the chance to reach some more readers and perhaps to generate some more fans. The stories should be published at So, please stay tuned, the story starts soon.

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forgotten seo blog

October 19th, 2010 · 1 Comment

oh god. i should rename my weblog. instead of seo-inside it should better be called the forgotten-seo-blog ;-) i will try to update this blog and will come back with some new entries soon. perhaps i will translate the seo jones stories from german to english. that could be fun :)

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Update time

April 29th, 2008 · No Comments

wordpress just fixed some bugs and made a security fix. so it’s time to update my old wp-installation. hopefully this will be accomplished without surprise.

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Elizabeth Perkins is hot …

August 5th, 2007 · No Comments

… at least if you believe what Google Hot Trends is telling you: Elizabeth Perkins is spicy! At least at this moment. Two hours ago there was a peak in the google search volume for the keyphrase “Elizabeth Perkins”, hence there must have been some hot news in the old or new media which caused this to happen.

elisabeth perkins hot trends

Google Hot Trends shows us the following related searches:

  • elizabeth perkins allure
  • rachel ward
  • allure magazine
  • elizabeth perkins allure magazine
  • billy elliot

While other infos from Google Hot Trends seem to be a little bit outdated, the Google Blog Search gives us some better hints what may have happend. Messages like Elizabeth Perkins on Allure Magazine and Elizabeth Perkins Nude! in conjunction with Googles related search keywords point to the Allure Magazine.

Solution: Explaining why she posed nude for the Allure Magazine last year, Elizabeth Perkins said: “They wanted to show that a woman my age can still look like this.”

Elizabeth Perkins is 46 years old (November 18, 1960) and is an Emmy and Golden Globe award-nominated American film, television and theater actress.

You may ask, why do you post such an article in a seo blog? It’s all about testing Google and it’s hotness factor ;-)

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Striking Google Trends Update

July 30th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Great Update. Google Trends has updated it’s database. Trend charts reach until 17. July 2007 now. But what’s really remarkable is the fact, that the granularity of the trend statistics has been improved significantly.

In the past only keywords with bigger search volumes produced appropriate statistics, in case of smaller search volumes only incomplete or blank statistics were generated. For example, when searching for the term “PageRank Update” some month ago, this really disappointing result appeared:
pagerank update 2007

Oh dear, just one peak at the end of the charts. Not the result I expected first when doing my search. After some trials and with help of the |-operator, making a conjunction of terms like “pr update” | “pagerank update” | “page rank update”, I was able to produce a better PR-Update chart with some more peaks, most probably presenting the dates of some historical pagerank updates:

PR Update and more

And now? With the current update a simple question for PageRank Update produces an image with full details over the complete date range:

PageRank Update neue Trendkurve

What a significant improvement. And that’s not all. In the past a search by region or shorter date ranges quite often (due to the reduced search volume) resulted in incomplete or non existing statistics. With this update the search volume threshold (from which google trends was willing to show results) must have been lowered by factors.

With graphical presentation, local and date-range filters and a database till july 17. the new google trends is becoming the keyword research tool I have dreamed for a long time. Only realtime charts are missing now, but with google hot trends there is a tool available, that’s pretty nearby. I’m dying to know what happens next ;-)

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SEO Inside Blog

July 25th, 2007 · 3 Comments

Eigentlich wollte ich das Blog schon vor Ewigkeiten eröffnen, aber besser spät als nie.

Perhaps this will become a multi lingual seo blog ;-)

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